Zipline Conservative

April 1, 2009

Obama Death Tax 45%; G20 Anarchist Theater (Pathetic Responses)

liberty-2Bush had planned on reducing and then eliminating the ugly Death Tax by 2010. Obama will maintain the death tax at 45% on those estates and people that could most likely invest the money. “Inner-generational Aggregation” is an evil energy. Let’s stifle family wealth. I can think of few things so blatantly evil as the death tax if family exists…if family does not exist then perhaps the wealth could be divided to a non-Nanny State endeavor.



Watch the tele and see one or two Anarchist dipshits smashing a Corporate or “Global” window while 100 hundred ‘photojournalist’ capture the angst; hundreds of Anarchist dipshits cheer him on and hundreds of ‘law enforcement’ follow the current trend of letting dipshit act out on a small stage to (World Bank of Scotland) keep the actions contained and manageable. Ok, I guess, except for the cameras. Remove the cameras, turn out the lights, no coverage. Frigging dipshits….and I hate Global too.



Nuclear Fusion Reactions……Hydrogen Energy Source……Carbon Free……Doable???


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