Zipline Conservative

March 31, 2009

Reagan’s 1964 Time of Choosing Speech (how timely); Mark Steyn on the Euro Follies (soon touring America

The building blocks are out there and we must search the best writers and thinkers to find the gems that give us hope, courage and the awareness we are not alone. Mark Steyn is one such writer that tweaks my mind in so many meaningful ways….you must come to discover his wit, wisdom and saga.  Yes, I have a picture of Ronald up there because these two chunks of input are worth back to back assimilation. 

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn

“That’s the second and most critical objection to Europeanization: It corrodes self-reliance very quickly, to the point where even basic survival instincts can be bred out of society in a generation or two.” Mark Steyn “Apparently, nothing testifies to the American virtues of self-reliance, entrepreneurial energy and the can-do spirit like joining the vast army of robotic extras droning in unison, “The government needs to do more for me…”

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