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March 29, 2009

Once The Flood Waters Recede (Do We Really Know How To Rebuild)


As with most of you, daily life is either routine, repetitive or like mine right now, filled with the stresses of illness, grief and an overwhelming sense of anger. Internalized anger, not smash face anger. Sometimes, I believe blogging and reading the output of others is a negative influence. Sometimes, I bite on the concept of all this banter is good give and take of Democracy suited only for those tough enough to dish out and get it back in the face. But, as I read Leftist Blogs and note their repetitively produced lies and propaganda points, and I notice that the Right is presently floundering with tired ideas. Our values have been denigrated to such a degree that the words seem empty. It probably was the intent of the manipulators to repeatedly throw mud, knowing it eventually weighs down the opposition and smothers the life out of even the best life forms.

I believe we are being smothered and relegated to the fringes. My question is….If right now, we assumed power, would we know how to undo the mess and rebuild? According to what? It is an entwined mess that has resulted under the watch of both parties and philosophies. I do not care for global this and that…yet there it is in all its complicated mess.

I bandy about the words ‘liberty’ ‘freedom’ like obvious touchstones of reality that anyone should comprehend…yet a huge chunk of our society casually voted away their freedom with an obvious Marxist. The other chunk allowed a empty vessel like McCain to carry the Repub banner and how bland and pathetic was that? 

Would or will we know how to coalesce into a meaningful party or platform. Right now we simply point at the rising waters and wring our hands. I understand that. But, I feel devoid of any meaningful concepts to rebuild and I have ZERO faith in most of the Repub’s as anything but RINO’s and NEO’s that got us into this mess. 

The inclination is to retreat to the bunker with my kin and my armaments and adopt the “Don’t Tread on Me” attitude. I pretty much am there. I am not a leader, not a very good follower. I see both sides, all sides, scary and empty of values that would stave off this slide to the abyss. Look how easy it seems to happen. 

A recent commenter to here remarked that the Repub’s are the party of ‘No’. I recanted that that was good. Yes, saying No to Socialism or worse is a good thing. However, a common sense voice(s) has to emerge to rephrase the principles as a yardstick or level to compare to. Things are askew…here is the comparison to move toward, to restructure. I no longer trust any side in D.C. The suits are slimy and corrupt. My populist-rural genetics have emerged and my resentments have no where to go but toward the takers and the dumbstruck.     

 In the meantime, I will seek some iron in my blood via others that have energy and heart and pray that some structure re-emerges that is not a compromise with corruption.    

 “The GIVE Act was stealthily modified during the House debate — not in substance, but in terminology. Even so, the nomenclature is Orwellian and ominous. Given President Obama’s bizarre promise to create a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military,” the GIVE act appears to be a precursor to that type of internal security force.

Lock 'n Load

Lock 'n Load



GIVE creates a “National Civilian Community Corps” and establishes a “Permanent Cadre” which will “give consideration to retired, discharged, and other inactive members and former members of the Armed Forces.”

Furthermore, “The Director shall give priority to projects utilizing retired military and emergency professionals for programs to improve public safety, emergency and disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery, search and rescue, and homeland security efforts.”

Specifically mentioned are programs “that strengthen community efforts in support of homeland security“; in other words, ACORN. Thus, both the House and Senate bills are designed to funnel money to a semi-militarized wing of the Democrat Party. ACORN appears to be at the center of this wing.”

 This should scare you…probably it does. But, what to do? No msm comments. No neutered Repub’s remarking because they would be cast as racists or “No” sayers to positive change. These changes are so rediculously threatening to liberty. A para military organization beyond the National Guard, the Army Reserve, the police, the military….linked to Community Organizers and a hyper responsive email tree? Well, perhaps they could be allocated as an emergency response team to fill sandbags, shovel snow, remove hurricane debris, fight forest fires, rebuild homes, hand out food, clothing, provide medical attention, clean up urban filth (most of that wouldn’t impact unions, right?).  How do so many Congressmen fall into this with nary a reconsideration of possibilities or precedents?


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  1. A great post! When the R’s get back in power, rest assured that whatever happens; it will not be in the name of socialism, but capitalism.

    Comment by ahrcanum — March 29, 2009 @ 6:51 PM | Reply

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