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March 27, 2009

Obama & Leftist Theater and Group Think and the msm Proganda Machine

Deception & Consequences

Deception & Consequences

The msm propaganda machine is facilitating the overload of rhetoric by Obama et al that eventually makes one turn away or accept as fact all manner of silliness. Beware of group think antics…the old mainstays of ‘global’ ‘planet’ ‘community’ ‘collective’ ‘good of all’ ‘communication’ are repetitively being incorporated into all messages with the frequency of that silly word ‘green’. Brainwashing it is. Whether intentional or from group think ignorance, it is annoying, dangerous and is steering us away from individual freedom. The intent is to create panic, fear, jealousy, envy and a sense that things are so screwed up that we have to give in to these far reaching grabs of power because, well, we have been told we need to by whom…the msm propaganda machine and the likes of Obama, Biden, Frank, Pelosi and Dodd?? How pathetic! We have no recourse to this ridiculous, absurd march beyond Euro Socialism toward total dependency and inefficiency…only to be made worse by the aging US population, which will mentally be ready to turn over any residual freedom to the Nanny State. This Leftist Theater is playing out daily with the msm and we all sit by and watch the undermining of the principles. Like I said before…the overgrown garden with well established plants is not being pruned, thinned and cleaned of weeds…nope…the Crossbow, Roundup and Caseron is going on heavy to destroy everything and a new sterile garden will result…tried elsewhere and just as sterile…


We now pontificate upon how we owe ourselves debt beyond all previous levels. We owe it to ourselves to assume massive debt and inept government intrusion into our lives. We owe it to ourselves to take care of our fellow brothers and sisters…all 40% of their sorry asses… well 95% of that 40% (there are those truly in need).

msm propaganda machine:       

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