Zipline Conservative

March 25, 2009

Democrat’s Talking Points (Shows Their Whiney, Whimpy, Cowardice)

Demwit Cowardice

Demwit Cowardice


Over and over…ad nauseum….to the effect of  ‘we inherited this debt, that failure’..on and on. You dipshits inherited an overgrown garden and now you are spraying it with Crossbow, Caseron and Roundup and all the while pointing backwards. What a bunch of cowards. How long will you fail to own your decisions. This is akin to always pointing at Hoover for the Depression and the stupid decisions of Roosevelt. Enough! You are embarrassing yourselves in your best ‘collective’ mentality for all to see. Doesn’t this make someone with an ounce of testosterone a bit uncomfortable? Apparently, not! Whimps running the country.     (Blame Card Talking Pt.)  


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