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March 24, 2009

Conservative Wasteland (Mark Levin…Watering the Roots?)

A Reminder of the Basics

A Reminder of the Basics

It has become so bleak and disoriented these past 9 months..maybe longer. Nothing adds up anymore in the Republican Party. RINO’s, Neo’s, Libertarians, Fiscal Cons, Crunchy Cons, Social Cons. I don’t resonate with any one group and that for me is a problem. I want a foundation that is based upon more than war, religion and the wealthy. So, of late, I have heard Levin out stomping for his book, and without knowing much more about the guy, at least his comments about individualism, anti-collectivism and statism do resonate with me like water to the dry garden. 


So, his book maybe worth a good read.  I know he has to promote the book but beyond that, I am so done with O’Reilly, Hannity, and more in tune with the Libertarian Beck (at least he is entertaining and thought provoking). Savage is too much even if I do concur with his long stated premise of ‘borders, language, culture’. Someone needs to better explain the factions of the Right and make the process of sorting this out more thoughtful for those, like me, that have not the time to read Burke or Hamilton or Freidman.

I know this, none of them in the forefront of the Republican Party create a spark in me…even Sarah seems burdened down with too much baggage and her folksy political sound bites have worn thin. So, Levin may be all manner of this or that…but, his remarks have been unique, philosophical and beyond the repetitive talking points the other talking heads seem too lazy to at least put their own brand on…The Right accuses the Left of promoting talking points…the Right does this also, or they are guilty of zero imagination on at least spinning common themes into a newer, fresher tone. Frankly, all politics is getting pathetic.      

Something has to be offered up in rebuttal to the msm propaganda mantra…or seriously, did we just lose our country to a dipshit that uttered the sum total of Hope and Change while cheek to cheek with Ayers, Mansour, Khalidi?  



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