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March 23, 2009

Obama Depression Syndrome (Maggie’s Farm Says the Glass is Half Full…Re of Obama)


“Depression implies a fixation upon the perceived negative forces at work, with a tendency toward paralysis of action to change them or our self.  These are unconstructive and self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. Avoidance of or ending depressed feelings and behavior comes from attitudinal resilience and from engaging in efficacious actions. No doubt, we’re in a mess, both of our own making and by others, and many in our political and societal elite are making it worse, with potential dire consequences.  Still, one must recognize the resilient strengths we have.


Forty-eight percent did not vote for Obama, despite a perfect-storm in his favor, and current polling shows him losing support, and even his allied media are having to take some notice of his excesses and lackings.  The US is emerging from this economic calamity relatively stronger than other countries.  The positive trend-line in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere that was hard-earned under Bush has not been abandoned by Obama, though it may become weakened.  Ordinary Americans are buckling down in their personal affairs and continuing to achieve for themselves, society, and our futures.”



As the folks at Maggie’s Farm state above, we have to remind ourselves that our country is resilient and potentially alert to the shenanigans of a Leftist-Marxist…I have been equally down over the slide to the edge of what appears to be an abyss. Maggie’s Farm states the populace must have faith and there is a different sort of Hope for those wanting to rebuild the base. We sit leaving it to whom to rebuild the Conservative Base to a meaningful, principled party. Done with RINO’s, done with NEO’s, Done with Hypocrisy. So, positivity is the magnet forward and toward……………………..      



  1. good luck with that

    Comment by Davis — March 23, 2009 @ 8:43 AM | Reply

    • I know…but half full, remember…if the Hope and Change mantra worked then perhaps…well shit…there you go with that half empty stuff…

      Comment by swittersb — March 23, 2009 @ 9:27 AM | Reply

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