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March 18, 2009

Those ‘Demarxists’ Titter Titter

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baloney4Pelosi’s Pro-Illegal Immigration Speech..No More Raids, No More Enforcing the Laws

Napolitano’s Absurd references to Man Caused Disasters…WTF!?!

Obama’s Make the Troops pay for their medical costs? Please..Yet, free health care for Illegal’s Brood?

AIG Bonuses…the Dem’s Dodd and Obama knew of the bonuses months ago and voted to protect it in bailout…now they act indignant??

Expanding troop actions further and further into Pakistan? Nary a word from the msm and anti-war protesters???

And, most galling of the ilk is the ACORN involvement in anything related to our government?? Don’t give me citizen involvement, etc….


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