Zipline Conservative

March 18, 2009

Obamabots…Still Don’t See It…


How long will it take for the bozo’s that swung this poser into power to realize he is all talk and scripted to such a degree that the teleprompter should be an insult to all Americans by now…

Let’s see….he inherited this mess…no mention from msm propaganda machine that Dodd, B. Clinton, Franke created this mess and the ilk at the banks took advantage of the poor concept and the Bush RINO’s sat back too. Inherited this mess, and then proceeds to double+ the size of the mess.

How pathetic to go after Limbaugh, go after Bush still. Stand alone you poser…it is all yours…the incompetent Marxist…and the Obamabots don’t care…and the shallow ones that were swung by prop pieces and Hope and Change…still don’t get it…how easily manipulated…is it $32,000 per household right now…no I think it is $32K for every man woman and child and of course we now know that 40-50% of them don’t pay taxes…’let me get that for ya’. 


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