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March 15, 2009

Mass Graves in Slovenia (Those Pesky Commies….What Say You, Commie Apologists?)

Slovenian Mass Graves

Slovenian Mass Graves



Translated by Henry A. Fischer  The investigators had to dig for months to uncover the mass graves.  Their finding has already been called, ?The Slovenian Srebrenica?.  The mass grave that was explored is in the vicinity of the central Slovenian city of Lasko and can be traced back to the year 1945.  The discoverers required more than half a year to thrust their way into the site of the mass grave.  As they unearthed the corpses they could not believe their eyes:  hundreds of them were revealed in the deep recesses of the mine in a well preserved mummified condition protected from any outside climatic conditions.

There must have been tons of rubble from within the mine, known as Hada Jama (Bad Mine) that was used by the perpetrators who went to great lengths to conceal the cruelties they committed to future generations.  The tunnels were 90 metres long and were filled with excavated materials and the workers could only remove 2.5 metres a day according to Mitja Ferenc who was in charge of the digging operation.  In all, there were six layers of barricades-concrete, rubble, clay and eventually wood that had to be penetrated in order to expose the 400 metre long mass grave in the mine.  Two 45 metre deep vertical shafts were found filled with corpses right up to the rim.  It appears that the first victims were still alive when they were thrown into the shaft.

At the entrance to both of the shafts we stumbled upon a huge pile of shoes,? Marko Strovs of the Slovenian Social Ministry related.  ?Then we saw wire which bound the victims back to back.?  Instead of the anticipated skeletons the discoverers caught sight of the naked mummified corpses still intact.  ?The sight was so unsettling that it was impossible to describe,? said Peter Jamnik, a police inspector.  ?I find it hard to talk about it,? Ferenc gasped reflecting on what he had seen.  This, despite the fact he has been involved in the uncovering mass graves for years.  ?Something like this does not allow you to ever become indifferent.?


Joze Dezman, the Director of the Slovenian government Commission on Hidden Graves designated the mass grave as the Slovenian Srebrenica.  ?This is the largest mass grave found in a mine throughout the world,? said Dezman in a TV interview.  It is not possible to estimate the number of victims.  ?But I will say that it involves several thousands of deaths.?

There is no doubt on the part of the discoverers that the dead are victims of a Communist mass killing.  The shootings took place at the end of May or beginning of June in 1945 according to Ferenc.  We are in the dark about the actual origin of the victims or their identity as well as that of the killers.  Up until now there has been only one eye witness account and that was by the driver who brought the prisoners to the mine.  According to his testimony we are dealing with Slovenians, Ferenc indicates.  Rumours had spread that the prisoners had been Croats who had fought against the Partisans.

Altogether it is estimated that there are 600 mass graves in Slovenia in which 300,000 victims of Communist mass killings are buried.  Following the Second World War the Partisans murdered suspected collaborators of Nazi Germany, supporters of the Fascist Ustasi regime in Croatia and all their ideological opponents through swift summary executions.  Even now, two decades after the end of communism not all of the mass graves have been found.  Only two years ago during highway construction near Marburg an immense mass grave was uncovered in which up to 15,000 dead were discovered. More related info by Dr. Tomislav Sunic at:


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