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March 12, 2009

Obama’s Vision: Nanny State or worse? I am so done…so pissed.

Obamanation=Nanny State

Obamanation=Nanny State

Random Impressions: Shit storm of info to confuse and give the sheep the impression of positive action supported by the adoring msm prop. machine; Nanny State at a minimum; Pelosi is disgusting, Reid is disgusting, Republicans are done…I hate the Republicans; something new is needed; Shut up Steele, you are rediculous and so is the party that propped you up; Castro, Chavez and Che are resurrecting; where are the anti war crowd over Iraq and Afghanistan???? No debate on assault to freedom; my anger increases almost enough to don a ‘Fuck Obama’ bumper sticker…yet my civility gets in the way; no intelligent debate on how we got to this…still the last 8 years shit…no attachment to Demwits or Clinton decisions in the 90’s; we are polarized and I think a clash is inevitable that will show these marxist for what they are…force their hand? Same techniques the Left has always used…Where is Ayers in this and HOW OFTEN DOES Obama TALK TO AYERS? Card check Union shit..same old union shit..fuck unions…thugs…keep talking your ‘middle class’ shit..Leftist thugs..the one’s that would do the dirty work…in no uncertain terms Fuck Ted Kennedy! 

Oh and here is the biggy..the capper on Immigration..the door opening to forever change our culture….this is so wrong and nary a peep!

Sorry for the anger…but I am so done. I am pissed off and any compassion I have is evaporating in disgust….spoiled, pretentious Libs sitting by and saying nothing while they dine at their hipster estabs, and act totally Euro…what a disgusting mix this is… 



  1. And we in Europe sit on an shake our heads in disgust at Conservative America.

    Comment by futiledemocracy — March 12, 2009 @ 8:39 AM | Reply

    • Of course, you do..ever the arrogant are those social experiments working for you? Hope the cultural assimulation with the Jihadists is progressing well…you would do well under Sharia wouldn’t you?

      Comment by swittersb — March 18, 2009 @ 1:50 PM | Reply

  2. “where are the anti war crowd over Iraq and Afghanistan????”

    The useful anti-war idiots were played like a bagpipe to get this stooge elected. After the ’06 election, the Dems courted this faction with weekly conference calls to maintain their support. Now we have the Afghan surge (17k more troops), the promise of tens of thousands of troops in Iraq in perpetuity, and no end in sight for the Bush-styled Neo-colonial World police force directed by the commandeer in chief (I am opposed to dumb wars) Obama.

    The guy is a fraud and a tool for the elite power-brokers who cultivated his “change” agenda identity to fool the idiots who buy into the Hegelaian left/right duopoly system. Bollocks em’ all.

    Comment by Johnny Peepers — March 12, 2009 @ 9:38 AM | Reply

  3. Oh, um—wow—I wouldn’t exactly use that language, but I do know where you’re coming from!

    Comment by gypsymonk — March 12, 2009 @ 9:57 AM | Reply

    • I know Gypsymonk…I apologize…I hesitate and then I say it…my anger is such that I am removing a filter and I know that is not a good thing…thanks…

      Comment by swittersb — March 12, 2009 @ 1:04 PM | Reply

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