Zipline Conservative

March 6, 2009

So Done With Obama (Not That I Ever Cared For Him)

No, I didn’t ever say I was going to give him a chance. His relationship with all the Marxist ilk in and around Chicago and New York was enough for me. His moral imperative BS is re health care and his Cap and Trade rape are enough. I am so done listening to this guy. I am really done with the lockstep adoration of one man and the obvious risk this poses for the psyche of a nation. And, I am soooo pissed off at the mere concept of 50% taking care of 50%….seriously, screw that. I am resentful and angry. My compassion for those that do need help is on hold. The mix of have not’s and the truly needy is blurred. And now it is not easy to tell the lazy son of a bitches to get off their collective welfare asses and get a job because the economy will tank on and on toward the Nanny State management model so no jobs. 


The Obamedia AP sticks in its editorial comment: “But the reason for GOP unity in advance of a key procedural vote was that Democrats had not allowed them enough opportunities to offer amendments.”

Of course, many GOP amendments aim to cut the pork. At least the piece acknowledges that a rising number of liberal and moderate Democrats have risen to oppose the bill as well.

The delay buys time not just for lawmakers, but for constituents to mobilize and make their voices heard.

Tea Party people, activate!  


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