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February 20, 2009

Obamanomics (Fantastic Fascistic…Is It the State or the Messiah?)

panic1“Fascism promises a “Third Way” between liberalism and conservatism, one which will transcend partisan divides and unite the nation behind the enlightened vision of a charismatic leader. Always, there is the Leader. He embodies the wants, needs and inchoate longings of his grateful Nation. He is generally a gifted speaker, and his influence is further magnified by careful stage-management, co-option of the press, and a skilled propaganda machine.”

“Likewise, the core Obama supporters have mainstreamed a quasi-fascist cult of personality which is alien to American political discourse. Democrats revered FDR for guiding the country through the Depression. Republicans extol the virtues of Ronald Reagan. But as a rule, we haven’t had our children sing Dear Leader worship songs to either man. Big Businesses haven’t engaged in propagandistic advertising on behalf of our Leader. And the “free press” hasn’t mystified sitting presidents by asking Americans to “See Obama in yourself”…”

How easy with one election and an orchestrated mass appeal, we forfeit our standards and system. Just like that our ‘representative government’ has stopped representing. We have really not felt it. Yet it happened. No trickle down power. No trickle down grip on our collective throat…so it is a painless loss of a malfunctioning system replaced with hope and a shell game for an even more immensely malfunctioning system. Principles have been violated. When and how will the consequences be felt? Choices, freedom of choices, freedom will forever be altered. So easily a minor number of elected goofballs set the nation on a path for harm based upon the repetitive hand wringing of a fear mongering poser.     

At somepoint, the 46% that failed to vote for Obama will gain a voice. Maybe Ron Paul was the correct choice.



  1. Everything everywhere from the beginning of time to the present day has a beginning and an ending, nothing lasts forever. Change is the only constant on our planet and in the universe. This being a proven fact of all that exists, I am persuaded to ask this question. …Why attempt to prevent necessary change from taking place? …Is it because of unscientific dogmatic bias? It is unscientific bias to hold onto that which no longer has relevance and has been rendered by the passage of time no longer useful, and consequently out of step with existing circumstances, situations and conditions. That which is no longer a positive influence inside the surroundings of our existence should be replaced by that which is a positive influence, … and it will always come to pass when the only change possible to take the place of that what exists, … is the diametric opposite of what already exists.

    The diametric opposite of an economy that is market oriented and not planned is an economy that is planned, … and designed to profit not individual capitalists of our planet, …but rather.. profit equally, all of the people of our planet, without discrimination or prejudice.

    What makes this economic change possible and necessary is the change in our means of producing goods and services. The technological revolution on our planet has made it possible to satisfy all of the needs of everyone everywhere on our planet. No one no longer needs to not have what is needed to live well and survive well because of our scientific and technological advances.

    Those that are concerned about our tanking individual unplanned capitalist economy, should give some thought to the opposite view of an economy that is social and planned so as to profit the mass of people in the world without discrimination or prejudice.

    Comment by despicable — February 21, 2009 @ 3:35 AM | Reply

    • Planned by the State….tell me where it has really worked? Tell me where Liberty is not sacrificed and the greater evil lurks…far greater than the supposed evils of Capitalism……..

      Comment by swittersb — February 21, 2009 @ 7:14 PM | Reply

  2. Dog eat dog competition can be tolerated under the condition of material scarcity! …When people are hungry for that what is necessary to survive and thrive,then that what is scarce and necessary becomes a status symbol. A society that values what takes great effort and ruthlessness to acquire and achieve is understandable and commendable. The law of the jungle promotes survival of those that are the strongest and the most fit.
    But then again observation of animals in the jungle shows that when animals inhabit a jungle environment that has no scarcity of food and water, those animals are inclined to be non- aggressive, cooperative and social among their own kind.
    Which is evil and which is saintly? Is capitalism better than socialism or communism? This question cannot be answered in the abstract. It can be only understood and evaluated within the context of an existing environment. To do otherwise is stupid!
    It would also be helpful to be able to objectively define what you are for and against and why!

    Comment by despicable — February 21, 2009 @ 10:43 PM | Reply

  3. The idiot right wingers in the republican party, the Libertarians and most democrats do not have a clue as to what is happening in our nation or in the world! Their thinking amounts to a crazy mixed up paranoid fantasy. A fantasy that is the consequence of not understanding the inevitable movement of historical change. Cause and effect relationships within a particular environment remains a foreign language, to those that are a part of this movement, of dogmatic unscientific blind and prejudiced thinking!
The global economy and the development of modern technologies has created a world that most people refuse to try to understand! If you can’t or won’t try to understand and adapt to this inevitable change in the world environment, you will remain stupid and eventually you will not be able to cope, and you will die stupid.
Most americans at this point in time, are looking for a scapegoat to blame for their frustration and fear of a necessary change. A change that is now happening, and consequently changing all that you were comfortably familiar with.
People are lining up on the side of the public sector or the private sector, so as to survive, and to live another day. The truth is that what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow, is and was predictable. The enemy is not the government, or the private sector or communists or socialists or whatever. The enemy is the people that refuse to understand what was, is and will be, the nature and character, of a predictably changing world.

    Comment by despicable — February 21, 2009 @ 10:58 PM | Reply

    • ‘The enemy is not the government, or the private sector or communists or socialists or whatever. The enemy is the people that refuse to understand what was, is and will be, the nature and character, of a predictably changing world.’

      The people who never seem to learn from history and the cold, calculating planners like yourself, who so callously plan for the elimination of freedom. Because groups do not know how to articulate the depth of theories doesn’t mean their generalities are far off….Paleo’s often articulate arguments that are based on the degree of theory you speak too…sorry, I can’t. But, I know you concepts are going to make us sheep..’

      Thank you for setting forth your arguments to such a degree…..take care 

      Comment by swittersb — February 22, 2009 @ 8:33 PM | Reply

  4. A “leftist ideology” is as natural in the scheme of things as a “right wing ideology!”
    What gives an “ideology” it’s particular character of being good or bad is the basic nature and character of the particular environment that the ideology inhabits.
    The “Right Wing” fundamentalist’s strict adherance to rules, dogma and doctrine and the traditions of the past is as natural as a left wing ideology that challenges the traditions of the past and attempts to incorporate into the environment a more relevant way of thinking and doing.
    The sin of left wingers is to attempt to bring about change prematurely, before the conditions exist that makes change necessary.
    The methods that are used to hold on to power and to gain power by both the right wing and the left wing are similar. It is only the “centrist” political parties that attempt to prevent clashes between the right and left wing opposing views by attempting compromise. Eventually compromise becomes “sell out” and without a political center to keep the antagonists apart, a clash ensues between the old no longer relevant past and the new more relevant future. Eventually the war between the opposing forces stop when a new more relevant center is born that is able to compromise the differences between those that represent the still relevant traditions of the past and those that represent the new emerging traditions that will exist in the future.
    It is impossible to stop this process. It has been with us fom the beginning of time.

    Comment by Despicable — February 22, 2009 @ 11:20 PM | Reply

    • Your are correct about the process..BUT, at least acknowledge in this push-pull process of freedom v. centrist planning there have been horrific tolls of death. And, acknowledge that the overwhelming death toll has been on the Left…to include Hitler and his Socialist Regime, which emerged fascistic with nationalistic yearnings. I agree the sell out portion creates the partisanship banter that drives the handwringers crazy, but both sides see the possibilities of harm from the lessons of history. The malaise of Euro’s who have tried the great experiments is concerning. The attitude of ‘we will implement it better’ is pathetic from Obama et al right now. Don’t you sense how truly incompetent he is beyond his feel good rhetoric? I believe in Freedom…I surmise you believe in Order and efficiency of the State? Global whatever makes me blanche and sometimes I think Anarchists have some points re a regressive move back to local and decentralization….too late now..local is only good for organizing and implementing the will of the State, now.

      Comment by swittersb — February 23, 2009 @ 5:35 AM | Reply

  5. It appears that you are hung up on concepts that you automatically attribute as being “good” or “evil”… Just because it is popular at a particular point in time to characterize certain concepts as such is silly
    “Freedom” for example sounds good but historically every system including capitalism and socialism has and will under certain conditions find it necessary to restrict freedom and circle their wagons so as to protect themselves when their power is threatened by a internal or external force. If you think that American capitalism will not use deadly force against their citizens if they think that those citizens are a serious threat to capitalism. If you think that you haven’t been paying attention to american history.
    Who killed the most people so they can take power and hold on to power is a childish silly argument.
    Central planning is not automatically good or bad. It could be good if the conditions of your surroundings demand that central planning is necessary to bring about a positive result.
    I perceive Obama as being a pragmatist that will unite our nation by adopting policies that are centrist and will become a popular leader by compromising where he can the ideology of both the political right and left. Eventually the compromise will be looked upon as sell out and that will signal a clash between the right and left wing of the political spectrum. This will happen when the compromising center looses the following of the american people.

    Comment by despicable — February 24, 2009 @ 2:08 AM | Reply

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