Zipline Conservative

February 19, 2009

The Ol’ Product of Your Environment; So Popular in the 60’s (Maybe It Is True…But, Not for the Reasons Always Proffered)

awjeez2muse7My brain short circuits at the Leftist group speak, reminiscent of the 60’s….I remember it well in the NW. It seemed everyone said the same thing, therefore to a young mind, it must be true I thought. The mere repetition of the message works….until someone actually looks below the fog of propaganda.  

“But facts are stubborn things.

Consider that, of 23 peer-reviewed U.S. studies since 2000, 20 found that family structure directly affects crime and/or delinquency. Most research “strongly suggests both that young adults and teens raised in single-parent homes are more likely to commit crimes, and that communities with high rates of family fragmentation (especially unwed childbearing) suffer higher crime rates as a result.”

Every bigot, every heavy handed officer, every resentful white, will not detract from the underlying roots of minority stagnation: Nanny State dependency, Community organizers keeping them focused on the benefits and entitlements of the Nanny Sate, and the culture of the pimp, then the thug, and now the adrift male. I, on one hand, admire the pride and happiness of blacks over O’s rise to the Presidency. But, it never just stay there…the sense of joy has to be affixed to entitlements and the god damn drum beat of the never ending racism allegations! Resentment abounds you twits.


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