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February 17, 2009

Obama Corruption Machine, 17,000! Soldiers to The Afghan Quagmire? (Silence, msm silence, leftist blog silence……………)

poser2“Republicans don’t want real reform, because for more than 10 years they have benefited from their culture of corruption. Instead of seizing the opportunity today to enact real reform, Republicans once again put the special interests first, leaving the American people to pay for the Republican culture of corruption.” — (Not My)- Feb. 1, 2006 Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Well, well, well.   Hypocrisy, thy name is Nancy (and Harry, and Barry, and Charlie, and Rahm and Murtha, etc., etc.,)


Reminiscent of the election cycle, the msm is silent on the key points of hypocrisy, but worse the corruption of the Obama cohorts and collaborators. I will not compile the list of names here…within a matter of one month the list exceeds the 8 Bush years of  reputed evil and devastation to our liberty. Not a blush of embarrassment as our Children’s Liberty and opportunity are obliterated…A Big Victory for President Obama. Really?

Word today of 17,000 additional troops be sent to Afghanistan…not a peep from the Left. Why not…his quagmire? Barry’s war? Of course, Barry counts upon the RINO’s and Neo’s to submit, because, well we have to win in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. I am not so sure…my only hiccup is all those US soldiers and allies died. So, we stay. But that is a Conservative saying that….I don’t hear the Left saying anything….WHY NOT?     


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  1. I am not advocating cut and run, but I have issues with this strategy, Afghanistan is NOT Iraq in terms of a “surge”.

    Moreover, that fact that Hussein is the President exacerbates any confidence that we will execute the war in the manner requisite to “win”.

    Comment by Carlos Echevarria — February 17, 2009 @ 4:39 PM | Reply

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