Zipline Conservative

February 16, 2009

Obama Lies (Planned Hysteria by Demarxists and AgitProp Machine)

Read an interview in The Sunday Oregonian Newspaper…it was an interview of ex-Gov. Victor Atiyeh re the 1982 economic hard times in Oregon. Atiyeh was asked what was the difference between then and now…he answered that now there is hysteria. I would say induced hsyteria. Some Oregon statistics supplied by the reporter, Jeff Mapes:


Then (Nov. 82): 12.1 %    Now (Dec. 08): 9%


Then (Mar. 80): 14.76%          Now (July 08): 5.6%


Then (Oct. 81): 18.45%          Now (Aug. 08): 6.48%    

How much hysteria has been instituted by the msm and the great poser? Oh, was this under the watch of the other poser..Jimmy C.  (Interesting demonstrations of fed up citizens)


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