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February 13, 2009

Pray It Be True In These Dark Times (No copies of ‘stimulus bill’ for congressmen to read!)


The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted. — D.H. Lawrence

“The Capitol Hill offices of many congressmen and senators don’t even have a copy! If you need top get hold of a copy, Paul Bedard advises, ask a lobbyist.


We’re receiving E-mails from Capitol Hill staffers expressing frustration that they can’t get a copy of the stimulus bill agreed to last night at a price of $789 billion. What’s more, staffers are complaining about who does have a copy: K Street lobbyists. E-mails one key Democratic staffer: “K Street has the bill, or chunks of it, already, and the congressional offices don’t.


Moreover, the press is having problems reporting because a number of versions of the bill are floating around out there.”   Dear God!

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  1. Can Congressmen actually read? It certainly is clear that they, and many Annointed One appointees, can’t read tax legislation.

    And, anyway, we wouldn’t need a Stimulus Package, if Annointed One appointees first paid all their back taxes. Think about it–we not only would not need a “stimulus”, but we could also pay down the National Debt.

    Comment by llabesab — February 13, 2009 @ 7:25 PM | Reply

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