Zipline Conservative

February 10, 2009

Obama (Where Did the First $350 Billion TARP Go???? & STOP with Revisionist History msm)


Bush stonewalled, Federal Reserve, Treasury, Obama……….where did the first $350 Billion go? Right now they cannot even find $78 Billion on the books for first TARP payout…….taxpayers money (FREEDOM) gone. This is obscene…this is so wrong and who do I call?  And, yet the msm leads the way on the propaganda front….  The slide has begun into the dependency, Nanny State. Not the welfare of old. Not food stamps. Not the what seemed immense and out of control 10-20 years ago.


Barack Obama held his first press conference as President tonight. With the “stimulus” plans on the table at the House and Senate, the press had an opportunity to show that it no longer was slobbering over Obama. The press failed. Not a single reporter challenged Obama on the specifics of the stimulus plans, which (contrary to Obama’s statements) are loaded with pork barrel spending (as Sen. Claire McCaskill admitted this weekend) and surreptitious attempts to restructure the health care system. Almost every stimulus-related question accepted at face value Obama’s assertion that Republicans were to blame both for the economic mess and the lack of bipartisanship.


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