Zipline Conservative

February 10, 2009

Obama & the Regressives (If you Cannot Beat Them..Then Make Fun of Them)

The enormity of the arrogance, double standards and revisionist history pouring forth is disgusting. Pathetic sheep, even us, follow blindly without any ability to derail this mess…what call a few phone numbers to non-responsive Regressives and 3 RINO’s? That is it? An election, a few phone calls, some ranting. That is the extent of our ability to change this bizarre slide into chaos. I am disgusted with the process, the citizens and myself. I am angry and so god damn tired of that arrogant twit at the lectern I could puke.

Odd how the twit had to spend so much time disowning the mess, which makes me think he is already preparing the excuses for the failures yet to come our way….and the then need for Nanny or worse Big Brother to just take over to thwart the chaos and revolt. 

Would some one accurately write about Carter and Clinton and the legislation signed that allowed such shoddy housing finance practices. Yes, throw in the oversight fiasco of Bush, and the Banking greed, but lay it to what it really was….it is bad enough that Bush started the ball rolling in his best RINO way of the Neo…but please be totally honest here.


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