Zipline Conservative

January 29, 2009

RINO Watch…Despicable Duplicity

The GOP Senators voting YES to raising taxes in a recession in order to subsidize not-poor families and not-children “children” and non-citizens who don’t have to prove their citizenship: Alexander (R-TN) Collins (R-ME) Corker (R-TN) ***Note: He’s leading the Gang of 14 charge on the Generational Theft Act in the Senate*** Hutchison (R-TX) Lugar (R-IN) Martinez (R-FL) Murkowski (R-AK) Snowe (R-ME) Specter (R-PA) Keep an eye on them during the upcoming stimulus battle. And turn up the heat.

Well, I was proud for a day or so…these types have to go! I am so done with these slugs. 

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