Zipline Conservative

January 23, 2009

Socialism (Incrementally, In Chunks, While We Doze)

liberty1You know while we wait for the waters to crest; while we watch but thankful it is not our back yard; while we look askance at Euro’s failure at socialist policies and immigration and are thankful it is not us; a new awareness of the powers before and now of  Executive Orders; incrementally the changes occur and look how much has already happened as we march toward secularism and a nanny state. We have slowly become numb to labels and guilt and hesitant to call bullshit on bad policy. It is before us and here we sit, the supporters of a liberal RINO and a sabotaged VP candidate and all we can do is point a feeble finger at the msm and already we forget all the links that so obviously pointed to where this man got his theoretical wings.

    The rumors have been rampant since the beginning of the 2008 election cycle, Barack Obama is a Socialist.  Denials have also been as rampant and the sequestering of Barack’s past became the full time employ of the media and their democratic cohorts.  But no matter how much window dressing and firewalls are added to the Obama presidency, it is still clear that Obama harbors socialist tendencies.  This is evidenced by his friends, business partners, political associations and most recently, by his cabinet appointments.  The latest of which was the most glaring example of obviousness no whitewash could possibly hide.


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