Zipline Conservative

January 20, 2009

Conservative Thoughts (My Own for this Momentous Day)

liberty-dollar1Leftist hypocrisy-Adulation of one man is dangerous-msm is pathetic but dangerous-Good Luck George; I disagreed with your efforts, but you are a good man-Enjoy the day Obama’s-1+ Million listened to much the same as 1+ Million heard LBJ say-McCain is a problem-No retreat now from govt. intrusion-Conservative’s lost their way and the populace was asleep at the switch-Goofiness is embarassing-Remember Mary Jo Kopechne as you worry about the old BS’er-Jimmy Carter is an idiot-Reid and Pelosi dear God-Race, Race and more Race…forever solidified as the all important to the Left, therefore keeping it so to the bigots-now let the onslaught to our freedoms begin in earnest (Congress and Courts will lead the assaults). Arrogance, gloating, mass ignorance. Oh my.


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