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January 9, 2009

Madoff To Prison for Life (Common Sense Really)

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A burglar breaks into 20 homes during the day when no one is there. He steals and fences property of an aggregated value of  about $22,000. He eventually get popped and depending upon the state is sentenced to a penitentiary for 5 to 10 years. Madoff steals and defrauds how much $$$? How many burglaries does that equal? I don’t care that he didn’t pry the back window and enter the empty house and violate someone’s privacy. I get it. But, at this point, the corrupt and white collar criminal better rise to a new level. This man should die in prison. Frankly, someone that creates such hardships and doubts of the system should not be free on bail. A no bail edict should have been called for and he should not see the light of day. Enough of these creeps.  They create enormous doubt in the system and play into the hands of those that want to maintain control of the economy…for that alone, a strong message should be sent. Perhaps a redefining of the sentencing for white collar crimes…much stronger.


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