Zipline Conservative

January 6, 2009

Quiet on the Left/Quiet on the Right/msm Quiet


Chicago Machine/ Blatant Good Old Boy Politics Accepted/CIA Choice Weird/Bailout and Financial Crisis A non-topic/Crisis Averted? Yet Another Trillion $$$ Needed for ever bigger Nanny Parlor?/Proportional Defense BS/Gaza Double Standard Bizarre/Global Warming Hoax Ever Increasingly Recognized but Green Machine Chugging along/Immigration a non-issue but inflow unabated/No hard questions of how California got into its financial crisis???/Obama is a Fake…isn’t apparent by now?/Richardson-Blago-Ayers-what next?/Where is Vera Baker now?/Obama Citizenship still there…no one cares/It seems a blah, sterile time to me/RINO’s still around and still pathetic/Conservatism still in pieces/1-20 will be farcical and shameful/Hope and Change still meaningless and hasn’t it dawned on worshipers by now…how shallow the message was?/Parents don’t read old fairy tales…too scary, not PC, a nation of weak, sterile, wimps/what will we become if we don’t recognize wolves eat parents?/Burris contrived and in your face one cares/Franken a Senator…why not…so many of the others are clowns?/ Caroline Kennedy…a buffoon of folly, yet we worried about Palin?/Really an enormous question is raised..How was such venom and hatred tolerated by women of another woman..Palin..savaged beyond all reason…why was that OK?/


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