Zipline Conservative

January 4, 2009

Depressing Times

Sailor's Take Warning

Sailor's Take Warning

I had a great Christmas and New Years. That over, I am not finding anything to feel promising about. In fact, I am as low as I have been. Let’s see what is more than annoying me at this point:

I want to bash Harry Reid and William Ayers; Franken may win..pathetic, Blago is an absurd example of the Left and politics in general; the Republicans suck…did suck..still suck. They have nothing to offer. Obama is a pussy. Americans voted in a pussy. Americans are followers to the core and they followed two words and one unknown man. Pathetic. The msm is an atrocity and rates with the Republicans as disgusting. Bush was an idiot. He didn’t stop any terrorist attacks..others in the trenches did…Colin Powell is a disappointing gasbag. Cap and trade, greenies, climate change, pretentious yuppies. Shit….I hope they freeze their fucking tenates off 1/20. What a bunch of depressing events. Nothing to look forward too. It is not going to get better…slow erosion…slick erosion…everyone looking outward and not watching their back. Goddamn bureaucrats and congressmen…fucking laws, more laws…less rights…everything green and sterile. pissant dorks on bicycles and vegans. Gaunt, white self righteous assholes. msm character assassinations…someone needs to take a baseball bat to Ayers knees and jaw. Fuck his free speech…more snow and ice coming…no daffodils in sight. God bless the soldiers, care givers, nurses, firemen and cops…screw the rest. Don’t mess with me or flip me off…     


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