Zipline Conservative

January 1, 2009

Putin’s Push (Would He Really? We Have Ignored the Past)

Well, the Crimea was part of what Russians psychologicallly considered “Russia”, and having it amputated from their nation has left scars and festering resentment since the 1990s. More than that, the Russian Fleet on the Black Sea is based in the Crimea, and there’s no other port that can accomodate the fleet on Russia’s coastline. When the USSR dissolved, an agreement was made between the Ukraine and Russia to keep the Crimean port under Russian control until 2017. Russia believed that agreement would be renewed indefinitely into the future, but the Ukraine has said in recent years it wants to redevelop the Crimean naval base into a civilian recreational and living facility, evicting the Russian Navy as soon as the agreement expires (8 years from now).

It appears to us Putin sees Obama as the perfect window of opportunity to take care of the Crimea/Ukraine situation now…


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