Zipline Conservative

December 19, 2008

Sarah Palin & Caroline Kennedy (Johan Goldberg points to the obvious double standards)

Do you care, looking back, about the ridicule and venom heaped upon Governor Palin? Probably not if you’re Margaret and Helen ilk. But, if you are capable of putting things in perspective and reaching a balanced, independent decision then Mr. Goldberg’s piece raises doubts about, not only Ms.Kennedy’s credentials to be a Senator, but more about the Left and some Neo’s readiness to bash those that are different. msm and the Left and the ‘me too’ RINO’s…hypocrites all.

But the comparison is nonetheless revealing. Palin’s selection triggered troughs of bile, vomited up from nearly every respectable liberal quarter. A Florida congressman, and Obama surrogate, insinuated that Palin was a “Nazi sympathizer” and anti-Semite (she’s not, but Caroline Kennedy’s grandfather was). Her by-the-bootstraps story was ridiculed by nearly every ex-debutante newsreader and avowed “feminist” in America.


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