Zipline Conservative

December 17, 2008

RINO’s (Had enough of the unprincipled?) Check Out This Petition

WE DECLARE that Republican leadership the past eight years has failed.

WE DECLARE that Republican politicians have compromised Conservative values in favor of “reaching across the aisle” in the name of “bipartisanship” to “get things done in Washington.” In doing so, these very politicians have damaged this nation, weakened the Constitution, and done harm to individual freedoms.

WE ASSERT that the Republican National Committee has failed to advance and articulate Conservatism. We claim that by so doing, the RNC has done harm to the Conservative movement and thus to the party itself.

We have been duped and marginalized, for now, by our own party. To listen to McCain and Powell now is galling. If it takes 8 to 12 years we need to rebuild a party that represents honest, proud, non-hypocritical behaviors and Conservative principles. 
Kathryn Tyler is trying to make a difference in rebuilding and strongly stressing our dissatisfaction with the past 8 years of party leadership. Help her out.

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