Zipline Conservative

December 16, 2008

Caroline Kennedy v. Sarah Palin (msm and leftists quiet now?)

As a member of Barack Obama’s vice presidential selection committee – and a key early endorser of his candidacy – she remains close to the president-elect. That kind of access and influence surely would prove critical for New York.

Moreover, Kennedy’s selection would be a welcome sign of Paterson’s willingness to reject the politics of pander and special-interest pressures merely to satisfy some ethnic or geographic quota.

For goodness sake, where are the PDS crowd now re the lack of credentials for Kennedy’s selection? She brings what to the table that Palin did not bring in spades? Is this not pathetic in the selection and in the msm’s silence? So far, besides the bailout and corruption of Wall Street, this lack of CHANGE  and the Chicago Machine are reminders of the hypocrisy of the Left. Ever sharp at pointing out RINO missteps, they are quite silent now. Yes, there will only be Change that will not be palatable…imagine an all powerful Nanny State via O and the crew, as well as, the same corruption and abuse. One has to go to the U.N. or Russia to find such blatant hypocrisy and abuse of power. Something is in the water for Dem’s and RINO’s. Oh, and again…be quiet Colin Powell.

Sarah Palin would run circles around this young twirp, who  has what credentials? She helped pick Lunch pail Joe? Geeez. Payback to Chappaquiddick Teddy perhaps?   



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