Zipline Conservative

December 15, 2008

Gay’s, offended, morph into ‘al Gayda’

al GAyda

al Gayda


We are headed to such a degree of  uncivil discourse in this country, that the only response will be intimidation and violence and the push back will eventually be no less imposing or violent. I recently listened to that whacko, thought provoking talker, Glenn Beck. He remarked upon this very theme. If we don’t stop catering to the ridiculous, we will indeed be embroiled in a civil war. Right now, I certainly would not entertain or endure a band of thugs messing with me…I would push back hard. And, do you note the lack of criticism by the msm and calmer voices of reason within the Gay community? Where are the calls for calm and discussion?

al Gayda is functioning within our borders. Smash mouth, beat down responses are inevitable. Too bad the secular annihilation of our culture is moving toward change that will not be with a whimper, but rather with a harshness.  


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