Zipline Conservative

December 13, 2008

Benicio del Toro & Che (the pathetic kneeling before the revolting)


I hold onto these anti-Che thumbnails always knowing the pathetic legend continues. How in good conscience can anyone capable of reading and doing a little research continue to idolize the idealist gone berserk? In dispute is how many temples of citizens of  Cuba he put the barrel of his pistol to. Artist, homosexuals, perceived dissidents all were either personally executed by Che or his immediate henchmen did the deed. To idolize this slimeball is the epitome of Leftist denial be it Che, Castro, Stalin, Chavez, or Iran’s little despot. Because the Left can look aside over such blatant murder, they are not to be trusted with my Liberty. 

    *The interview is in Spanish and Marlen Gonzalez basically annihilates del Toro in that she exposes Che for the dirty, filthy, murdering commie bastard that he was…conveniently omitted from the film.

Che Was Scum



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