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December 4, 2008

Ecobots & Regression (Spreading the Manure for the Watemelons…So Organic)

Bullshit Spreader

Bullshit Spreader

We use the term “Watermelon” to refer to those who are green on the outside and red on the inside. (We at Maggie’s are ardent Conservationists and nature-lovers and studiers, but have never bought into the “Green” thing.)

Speth’s agenda is not confined to economics and the environment, however. He believes his sustainability agenda is intertwined with broader social concerns. “Sustaining people, sustaining nature—it is one cause, inseparable.” Thus he wants to replace the traditional focus on economic growth, as measured by GDP, with “good growth,” which he defines as “growth with equity, employment, environment, and empowerment.” While ostensibly focused on our environmental crisis, and calling for a “post-growth” society, the bridge he seeks to build is to a far broader and more ambitious progressive agenda….

This agenda, Speth claims, is not only the key to sustainability, but also to greater human “well-being.” So too are limits on consumerism and consumption. The measures he outlines are the “hallmarks of a caring community and a good society” and must be imposed by government diktat.

Power grabs used to be “for the children,” then they were “for the greater good,” and now they are “for the planet.” I guess any excuse will do for those who imagine that they know better than us regular benighted people.

Was listening to Ms. Arriana Huffpo today, intro the concept of more corporate leisure time to slow down the pace, make less stress related decisions that got us into our financial crisis, and not be so obsessed with success. Easy to roll the eyes, but trends are everything with the Left. Something odd pops up and then it repeats over and over, intruding into the msm and the psyche…pretty soon it seems reasonable and normal. It is what the Left has had to resort to since the evil Bush has controlld so much of the judiciary for the last 100 years, it seems.  So, the Left has used the culture propaganda organism the msm…repeting the message over and over. 

Anyway,  the Regressive’s are pushing for a leveling regression to the ‘mid-Century’ simpler times, less stress and one hell of a lot less Capitalism! More equality, more freedom, more liberty, more government and getting ‘real’ about the enviornment. The message seems overwhelmingly bought re the climate and green. Don’t you think so? It sure as hell is in Leftlandia Portland, the Wierd. Green, Green, Green. Guarantee you the Ecobot Hipsters here, are primed for simplicity, organic life. No hard sell here. But, elsewhere, well the unhip may need a little nanny assist to make the leap from green to pink….nanny will take it from there.   


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