Zipline Conservative

December 3, 2008

Obama & Big Oil (Leftist Hand Wringers Fear Drill, Drill, Drill)


Big Oil, Big Oil Oh My! Poor O, he is going to be hounded for many of his decisions. He is not even in office yet and every decision that does not cater to the Leftist agenda is going to be strongly pounded home by the msm and the pinched crowd.

“Recently retired from the military, Jones has parlayed his 40-year military career into several corporate directorships. Among them is Cross Match Technologies, which makes biometric identification equipment. More germane to Jones’ forthcoming role in Obama’s inner circle, though, might be Jones’ seat as a director of Boeing, a weapons manufacturer, and as a director of Chevron, an oil giant.”

Drill ANWR!!!!

Drill ANWR!!!!


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