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December 3, 2008

Bill Clinton’s Transparency (What Do Margaret & Helen Think?)

Clinton HarvardMargaret & Helen can perhaps take some time out from there meaningless rantings and remark about Bill’s post presidency successes. I posted last week about his successes with the banking industry. And, now we see that Bill has been remarkably successful with the Saudi’s and Big Canadian Mineral. Now normally I would figure capitalism allows for one’s personal development and acquisitions. But don’t you hand wringing Dick Cheney~Haliburton pontificators find Bill’s dealings a bit suspicious? He must have known he would be scrutinized some day as Hillary rose toward the top of the heap. So, it must be he does not really fear scrutiny. Given prior scrutiny over a BJ or two, what does he have to weather here that a couple or weeks or so won’t blow by and the msm will be off on some Margaret & Helen staple like Sarah Palin’s carbon footprint, or some such moronic gem.

 Donors have pledged more than $500 million for construction of the library and for the Clinton Foundation,…..

  That is an enormous amount for someone to be raising from friends, business partners, foreign governments and interested parties who are either barred from making campaign contributions or limited to the $2,300 maximum….

The Saudi royal family gave $10 million, according to The Washington Post, and numerous foreign governments have given $1 million. The largest contributors appear to include Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú, Canadian mining entrepreneur Frank Giustra and the Lundin Group, a Canadian oil and gas company. Each has publicly pledged $100 million for development projects.

These gifts raise a number of questions, particularly in the case of Giustra, who in 2005 flew with Clinton to Kazakhstan, where his connections to the former president impressed officials enough to win him a lucrative uranium mining contract. They also raise the question of what favors might be sought by other donors who don’t want to be identified.

Clinton argues that the confidentiality he promised his donors should take precedence over calls for transparency…


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