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December 1, 2008

Ted Turner Compares KGB to FBI w/ Brokaw

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Brokaw was a bit aghast at some of the absurd remarks by the dementia teasing Ted Turner. Of course, there was the obligatory we can’t criticize Russia because we are no better for invading Iraq. Who are we to judge. Then he introduces the idea of mutual disarmament with Russia….and closes with Putin, the KGB and the FBI. Now of course both agencies involve themselves with espionage, etc. But, the etc. is the key…the KGB has a long track record of assassinations of citizens on a grand scale; of initiating hits on journalist and ignoring any semblance of adherence to civil liberties….Turner believes both agencies are the same in intent and outcomes. To borrow from the name calling skills of Margaret and Helen, Turner is a moron. What a blithering gas bag. Brokaw knew he was too. Pathetic mantra of the Left. 

Brokaw brought up the concerns some have about Putin’s history of being a KGB agent. Turner defended the “honor” of the KGB: “Well, [Putin] had that background, but, you know, we have an FBI, and we’re not prejudiced against somebody who’s worked at the FBI. It’s got an honorable place to work. And the KGB, I think, was an honorable place to work And it gave people in the former Soviet Union, a communist country, an opportunity to do something important and worthwhile.”



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