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December 1, 2008

Mexican Violence (Gun Powder, Terror & Corruption Wafting Across the Border…Can You Smell it Yet?)

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mexThe old Culiacan cowboys long ago morphed into multiple cartels braced in a struggle to control tar, meth, weed and Colombian Cocaina ala Norte to American consumption. Violence has been escalating for 20 years from Sinaloa, Michoacan, Jalisco, up to Baja, Sonora and points East to El Paso and down Southeast.

So, as noted in Hewitt’s post, why no msm focus. NO focus on immigration, no focus on how far North of the border this violence influences America. No grasp of how frigging close narco traffickers are to being able to move any merchandise & human cargo over the border to staging areas in Cali, Arizona, Tejas and beyond.

This death and destruction is equal to many of the atrocities we high light else where in the world. I don’t have ready numbers but I am sure they are easy enough to find. And, these are gruesome murders, with beheadings not unusual. Mass graves and daylight mayhem. This is pretty close. My daughter’s youth group, bound for some feel good save the children work south of Tijuana, cancelled their trip. Too many bodies found in the area.

These cartels have distribution networks long established up to Chicago, Yakima, Portland and everywhere in between. Smugglers the world over work hand in hand with bad guys moving more than tar, ephedra, opium or hash. Law enforcement has been aware of all this for decades but it continues. Legalize drugs or don’t…these networks have smuggled all manner of materials for fifty years or more….Libertarians are against the drug war and all the alleged harm. However, these trafficking networks are a danger now…be it meth or bad guys intent on delivering a bigger load.  

 CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – New details on a deadly discovery across the border from El Paso. This morning police in Ciudad Juarez say at least 12 masked gun men opened fire inside an upscale seafood restaurant and killed at least eight people. The attack comes a day after seven men were found executed in a school soccer field in an upper class neighborhood in Juarez.

In all, 40 murders were reported over the holiday week along the border near El Paso. Police say the men were armed with AK-47 and fired off more than 100 rounds.

   There are 14 murders a day attributed to the government’s assault on the drug cartels,


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