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December 1, 2008

Democrat Leadership in Birmingham (Mayor Busted! Murder Rate High)

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Murder Rates: Which Cities Have Had Long Time Democrat Oversight and Mucho Monies? November 27, 2008

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Rank City Murder rate
1. Compton, Calif. 67.1
2. Gary, Ind. 58.0
3. Birmingham, Ala. 44.3
FBI: Birmingham Mayor arrested on federal charges
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The mayor of Alabama’s largest city, a player in a multibillion dollar sewer bond deal that drove the surrounding county to the brink of bankruptcy, was arrested on Monday on federal criminal charges, an FBI spokesman said.

He was accused in a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit of taking more than $156,000 from a friend whose firm made millions on risky bond transactions with the county for a new sewer system.

Those bonds went sour as the housing market plunged this year and credit costs skyrocketed and have pushed the state’s largest county to the brink of bankruptcy.

Langford has said the investigation was politically motivated. He contends Martin, who was appointed by President Bush, has targeted Democrats. (my ass!!!!)

Not sure how much time Mayor Langford has had to reduce crime in Birmingham since taking office. Apparently, he has been busy with other cirminal matters. Perhaps former Democrat Mayor Kincaid left a bit too much on your plate. 


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