Zipline Conservative

November 30, 2008

U.S. Conservatism (Compromise & Abandonment to Avoid a Worse Fate?)

Every Republican president can count on the conservatives eventually supporting whatever policies he dishes out for one simple and profound reason: they hate the Left more than they hate the state.

Rockwell makes my stomach turn because he is right. I have sitting in the rear compartment of this train ride trusting. Wondering but trusting. Ignoring naysayers on the Right, because the true ‘enemy’ is always the Left. Slowly, much too slowly, I have become aware that while I study and confirm the Left’s evil intent…a progressive slide toward the Nanny State, there is a traitor in my midst, our midst. Call it Neo, Moderate, Liberal..hell, I don’t know anymore. All I do know is I feel betrayed in so many ways. 

I cut my teeth with WFB. I read everything and believed in the evil of the State. I readily accepted the threat of Communism. I never questioned much beyond that. Now things are much more complicated. I still fear the Left’s intent. I am immensely pissed at the arrogance of the Left, partly fueled by the stupidity of the Neo’s and myself. 

 Conservatives were urging the government to be expansionist and aggressive abroad, and smaller at home. This is like attempting to train the python to be a cuddly pet. The earlier anti-FDR Old Right understood the relationship between the welfare state and the warfare state: they are essentially inseparable, especially in the American context. A regime scheming to overthrow governments abroad will hardly hesitate to dominate companies and communities in America. There is also the problem of political dynamics. If you are really dedicated to the warfare state, what are you willing to sacrifice to get it? Conservatives have been willing to give up their entire domestic agenda.



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