Zipline Conservative

November 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Sealing the Deal for Chambliss (Margaret & Helen put your rope down)


Brace yourselves Georgians, the Northwestern, Alaskan Calvary is coming and Gov. Sarah Palin is leading the charge to victory for Sen. Saxby Chambliss on Tuesday!!!

I am impressed by Palin’s chutzpah and steadfastness in the face of hate and ridiculous venom expressed by citizens that should know better and stand back and gaze upon what they have become. With all the Hope for Change coursing through their veins, you would think their infectious lynch mob mentality would dissipate. But, no, the pile on mentality is alive amongst the lynching mob. Really no different, these gulag gatekeepers are ever ready to smack the horse on the ass in the name of change. 

I don’t know enough about Sarah Palin’s brand of Conservatism to know if it the full meal deal or simply a populist slant that resonates with the anti-big crowd (that tweaks me). I want to know more. I don’t want her used up by the current RINO whores, nor set up by the msm as a convenient target for abuse. A definitive piece or two must emerge from Palin re her core beliefs and positions on issues that demand more than stump speech sound bites and tired talking points. If she has that depth, and I suspect she does, then let us have it. I don’t want a celebrity politician as shallow as the Hollywood/New York ilk. I want real, honest positions warts and all. Let’s hash it out. I know she is for drilling in ANWR. So am I. I know she supports Pebble Mine above Bristol Bay. I don’t. She is pro am I. Pro-life…easy one.

Tell us more about environmental protection. I care about what you would protect, not just about stupid policies that stopped the building of a hospital in Calif to protect, what was it a rodent or an insect???. What is you position on foreign policy beyond Iraq. Are we going to continue being an International Police SWAT Ops or should we retract a bit? Immigration Reform…call it like it is. Did you or do you agree with McCain’s positions or think differently? Tell us now. Fairness Doctrine? Education’s demise? Foreign Aid craziness? 

I think Sarah should retreat a bit and hone her positions. I DO LOVE watching the Left display their hate, contempt, rudeness, lynch mob mentality. But, the time now is for more sifting of the Conservative base. No Huckabee or Romney. Who? What?   


A Different Type of Feminism from Obama 

The Most Dangerous Woman in the World Will Indeed Be Part of Obama White House

This is probably ol’ Margaret and Helen’s idea of a perfect, outspoken woman? No doubt, the shrill drill is thrilled.  


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