Zipline Conservative

November 25, 2008

Queer Quagmire (Ugly, Ugly we go to the darkside…..?)


A significant indicator of how the law, public opinion, elections, free speech, black listing, hate speech, intolerance, culture and frustrations have congealed into everything the Left pontificates against….abuse. The Gay’s believe they have right on their side regardless of elections, laws, public opinion. They are using their force to punish others, to bring retribution in the most blatant and ugly manner because…why…they think their side is right and deserving…therefore, they can ignore laws, civility, elections, political correctness. The Gay’s are squandering respectability and acceptance by behaving this way. Throw in violence, intimidation and group think hysteria….what is this nation headed towards? 

How do we get so polarized? What mechanism(s) create this us against them attitude? There is a sense of frustration, hopelessness and an ability to set aside the law, reason and civility. It is instructive that those most given to this behavior come from the Left. Yes, the Right has their whack jobs, but note the quickness with which the Leftist Wingnuts gather and take away freedom. Makes me equally frustrated and it makes one feel that force is the only option against such oppressive forces. Now, where is that going to get us as a nation? But the queer folks don’t care do they?      



And there remains a distinct contingent of same-sex marriage supporters who are adamant about retribution. One is Chad Griffin, a political advisor to Hollywood executives who says, “A dollar to the yes campaign is a dollar in support of bigotry, homophobia and discrimination. There are going to be consequences. Any individual who has held homophobic views and who has gone public by writing a check, you can expect to be publicly judged. Many can expect to pay a price for a long time to come.”,0,3482815.story



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