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November 25, 2008

Democrats Love Blacks (The Regressive Form of Love & Co-dependency)

Democrat Cracker Love

Democrat Cracker Love

The Republicans have failed miserably to take our case to the black community. Throughout our history, the Republican party has been on the right side of Civil Rights and yet we get painted as racists and we cannot get any support from blacks or other minorities. This is largely the media’s fault. They will not report truthfully on the history of our parties.

In 1964, when the Civil Rights bill was going through congress, the Democrats were filibustering. Robert “KKK” Byrd, a Democrat, was on a 14 hour bender on the floor, lobbying against the bill. (Not surprising for a Grand Kleagle in the KKK). But it wasn’t just Byrd who wanted to kill the Civil Rights Bill. Democrats voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act by only 61% in the house and 69% in the senate. Republicans, however, voted in favor of it by 80% in the house and 82% in the senate. What that means, for those of you who can’t do math, is that there were way more racists on the Democratic side of the aisle than on the other.
You know that clip we always see of black protesters being assaulted by a fire hose? That was the work of Bull Connor, another Democrat and member of the KKK. How do these people get the image of being on the side of black people???? Every time you see that clip in the next few weeks, keep in mind that DEMOCRATS did that.
An enabler, is a person who by their actions make it easier for an addict to continue their self-destructive behavior by criticizing or rescuing. The term codependency refers to a relationship where one or both parties enable the other to act in certain maladaptive ways. Many times, the act of the enabler satisfies a need for the codependent person because his or her actions foster a need from the other person or persons in the relationship.

To enable the individual with the addiction, the mutually dependent person makes excuses and lies for the addict, which enables the addiction to continue. Codependency is reinforced by a person’s need to be needed. The enabler thinks unreasonably by believing he can maintain healthy relationships through manipulation and control. He believes he can do this by avoiding conflict and nurturing dependency. Is it normal for someone to think that he can maintain a healthy relationship when he does not address problems and he lies to protect others from their responsibilities? The way a codependent person can continue to foster this dependency from others is by controlling situations and the people around them. The ongoing matter in a codependent home, are to avoid conflicts and problems and to make excuses for destructive or hurtful behavior.

Why does enabling cause so much hurt in a relationship? The power afforded to the mutually dependent person in a relationship support his need for control even if he uses inappropriate means to fulfill his need to be in control. A second and overlooked reason, centers on the contradictory messages and unclear expectations presented by someone who is codependent. These characteristics give to a relationship filled with irrational thoughts and behavior. This kind of relationship has no clear rules to right and wrong behavior. The person(s) unhealthy patterns you enable may be doing one or more of these behaviors.


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