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November 25, 2008

Brit’s Dhimmification (Euro’s Always in Advance of U.S.? Then We Should Pay Heed)

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sword2So many Americans seem hell bent on copying the alleged sophistication’s, tolerances and minutiae of the Euro’s. The cradle for our civilization, the catalyst for our revolution, we must be careful of what we copy. From my perspective, the Euro’s are devolving via uber sensitivity to forces that intend their demise. How silly to not recognize the tide lapping at your foundation. Yet, the Brit’s seem intent upon assisting the erosion of their very foundations.


The ‘gradualism’ technique is an amazing tool used to wear down resistance, to dull the senses, to create compromise to your very existence. All well and good in theory if no one intends harm…but what if they do? As you lay there, as if in some Gothic play, sated, bloated and self satisfied, eventually the alert, calculating forces draw their swords or just elbow your culture aside…meaningless, weak, stumbling…..


     Incarcerated Terrorists Treated to £3,500 Worth of Takeaway Curry

The taxpayers’ pound sterling at workin dhimmified Britainistan:

Muslim prisoners at a maximum security jail were treated to £3,500 of takeaway curries to mark a religious festival.Some 200 inmates at Whitemoor prison near March in Cambridgeshire had meals worth around £18 each after complaining about the quality of jail food.The prison’s population includes al Qaeda terrorists. Bureauweenies are looking into “reports that standard security checks to ensure weapons or contraband were not being smuggled in with the dishes were not carried out in case the meals got cold.”

According to a spokeswoman, the Prison Service “respects and is required to facilitate religious and cultural festivals.” This must be why prison staff drove 40 miles to pick up the food from an overpriced takeaway to celebrate the end of Ramadan. What the heck, it isn’t their money — except insofar as they pay taxes. The important thing is that terrorists be pampered and coddled, lest they feel themselves oppressed.

As we flirt with hate speech commissions, or legislation, the door will open for ever greater tolerance and this will afford Islamic intrusion into our culture, like Canada and like the Euro’s. The resistance will be weak and deemed hateful and intolerant. Are we ready? I doubt it will be gradual, once the prep has been done by willing dupes. This erosion will lend itself to Nationalistic fervor, which is equally dangerous via over reaction and abuses.


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