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November 24, 2008

Che’ (Pate’tico Historical Revisionism)

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A Fit Place for Pigeons to Relieve Themselves

New York City offers a preview of the sort of public monuments we can expect to pay for now that the Executive and Legislative branches have fallen to left-wing extremists. In Central Park, at 5th Avenue and 60th Street, stands a statue of Che Guevara, the communist executioner who planned terrorist attacks against the citizens of New York.


Appropriately, the statue was financed with funds expropriated by force from taxpayers, courtesy of the Public Art Fund, the City of New York, the NEA, and the New York Council for the Arts.

On tips from Byron, nanc, and jomama. Hat tip: Say Anything.

As I passed through college, many years ago, I was struck then by the Left’s ability to ignore Stalin’s extermination policy while defending Communism and the Left’s love affair with Che’. Any minimal research leads one away from the romantic images of Che’ the book toting social engineer to the pistol toting Fascist thug that put the end of a barrel to the temple of non-criminals, non conformers and killed them. He is reported to have done this many times. The fact that dizzy apologists still prop this killer up is indicative of the apologists mentality that will no doubt forgive all manner of abuses here short of a barrel to the temple and a few pounds pressure on a curved piece of steel. 




Che’s picture has been seen on protests through-out the world, from Iraq and Lebannon on to the USA and Venezuela. His ideas still inspire people throughout the world, particularly Latin America where there has been recent uprising in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina and Nicaragua. A number of left-leaning presidents have also been elected there. 


Socialist Youth

This year is the 40th anniversary of the murder of Che Guevara by the CIA in Bolivia. Che was in Bolivia trying to assist the revolution taking place there when he was captured and shot, his last words apparently being “Shoot, coward, you’re going to kill a man”.

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Richard Manton a member of SY said: “Che was a heroic participant in the struggle against US imperialism and capitalism. He played a key role in the Cuban revolution which led to massive improvements in the education and healthcare of Cuba. He also grew deeply critical of the lack of workers democracy in the USSR”.


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