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November 22, 2008

Obama, Regressives and Stealth Socialism

If America lurches towards dictatorship, it will be more with a whimper than a bang. We won’t need to fear secret police so much as the oppressiveness of mass conformity, social pressure, the siphoning of wealth, and the spread of “official” viewpoints

If the middle class is sufficiently desperate, it will vote the demagogue into power. And when the demagogue comes to power, he will find that his ‘age of plenty’ is not so easy to provide. At that point fascism is born. At that point the demagogue, threatened with a breakdown of the whole economic system, turns to the Lords and Masters whom he has been abusing, and makes a deal.  The demagogue stays in office and keeps the people quiet.  The Lords and Masters stay in power and run the economic systems just the way they ahve always wanted to run it.  The corporate State is monopoly-capitalism made safe, monopoliy capitalism with the whole power of society behind it.


May I just say wow! Mr. Roach at Mansizetarget is a very thoughtful writer. It is a bit of a mind warp each time one encounters others that so precisely set forth what we feel and so feebly attempt to write.


Much more promising in most cases than philosophizing as a way of securing initial interest in deliberate social change is capitalizing upon dissatisfaction. Men do not change their social arrangements so long as they are perfectly satisfied with them. Dissatisfaction with existing conditions seems to be a prerequisite for intentional change.

The series of pieces at the crossroad site, cover a large area of concern over group think and manipulation not only within government, the populace but with the religious movement. There is a foundation of religiosity to some of the writings. I find these writings informative and well researched. The focus is manipulation and the techniques must be studied now, because Crossroad touches upon the same concerns as Mr. Roach above…the techniques of this ‘gradualism’ are broad based and have been used in our schools, work place and are repetitively insinuated into our lives on a daily basis via the msm.   


PARANOID SEATS     And, for the truly paranoids, read this stuff, then swing over to 9-11 Truthers and follow with Chem Trails….then come back to normal paranoia re stealth socialism.


I do hope the same people that anquished over Bush and the Patriot Act and FEMA and all the other intrusions into their liberty (I must have missed it) will be as vigilant when the government grabs bits and pieces of our liberty and steers us toward the regressive culture and government. 


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  1. I think it’s human nature that people generally want to be told what to do. That’s what made this democracy such and unusual experiment.

    Comment by rjjrdq — November 22, 2008 @ 7:13 PM | Reply

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