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November 21, 2008

Obama as Hamlet, says Steyn (Real Leadership Needed Now!)

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Barack Obama has moved into this most powerful position by the sheer force of his personality and reassurances of betterment for the needy, the guilt ridden and the Euro admirers. Surely, he has noticed the market trending down and down. Market reports released everyday are adding fuel to the updraft…but, Obama should do, as suggested below, take a stance to calm the jitters or stop the leaps from the ledge, and use his personality and calm to state: no tax increases. Pick a time period beyond the expiration of the Bush Tax Cut (2009) and provide probable immediate stability to the markets. He has this emotional capital to use and should wisely use it. Politics are over. Reality is here. Make a decision and show leadership. Bush can’t do it. Only a concerted, believable Obama-Congressional stance toward stability can slow down this collapse. Please show your leadership…off script and for real. Netroots be damned.     

Yes, I think so. I think he played a winning hand throughout this last year by staying aloof from any crisis of the day. On January 20th, he’s the man who has to have an answer to the crisis of the day. And I think there’s a limit to how much longer he can just do this sort of Hamlet act by looking like a sort of super cool male model version of Hamlet sort of standing thoughtfully on the battlements while everything goes to hell around him. He basically hasn’t taken a position on the auto bailout. He ought to send a clear signal on taxes. The idea of ending the Bush tax cuts in 2009, or increasing taxes, or even not lowering corporate taxes…I make this point again and again as someone who has worked in different countries. It is staggering to me that the corporate taxes of the United States are some of the highest in the Western world. Why do you think business would prefer to set up in other jurisdictions and merely sell in the United States? It’s because the United States is not a good country to operate a business in.


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