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November 21, 2008

It’s All Relative; No Absolutes (Constant Leveling of the High Ground)

cuffsSo, it is a little know fact, that I was in Law Enforcement for 32 years. I started in 1971, for an agency that was the first agency in the US to require a 4 year degree (common place today). We were the first. And, with that came a brain trust of thinkers that took the typical law enforcement structure and decided to ‘retool’ my agency into Police Community and Team Policing Models. Who was the head of the agency implementing these brilliant models? Lee P. Brown. A black gentleman that was a nice enough man. But, let me back up. Let’s go back to 1969 and 1970 to a hot bed of radicalism, Portland State University. Lee P. Brown was teaching at PSU and I took courses from him. Sensitivity was the key word. These were law enforcement theory classes. I also took courses from then Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Tom Potter (later to become Chief and Mayor of Portland). Anyway, in all these classes, there was a heavy emphasis on understanding, sensitivity and Afro’s. Not the white students. They had hair over the collar and mustaches with a touch of goatee. No, there were plenty of serious black youth in the class, who suggested and organized community outreach at black-panthe Black Panther HQ in Portland where we got to meet Kent Ford and suitable serious men, who explained the abuses of insensitive, undereducated policemen to the plight of the black man (and woman, as there were very serious black women there too, with very short skirts, big Afro’s and tinted shades, even at night). No one smiled. Yes, we met numerous community advocates. This was to create a dialogue and create understanding. Somehow, I never felt the understanding was both ways. So, moving forward, I was hired and into the crime fighting mix I went. But, there were two worlds at play. Reality v. Appearance. Reality v. Theory. Reality v. Bullshit. Yes, understanding another person’s feelings and where they are coming from does aid in conflict resolution and general problem solving. But, in the long run, crooks still went to jail, whether I empathized with their history or not. And, that was the rub. The ‘community’ assumed an attitude of entitlement. A hands off approach was expected to obvious foot traffic, dealing, crime in general. You can’t harass us. You can’t ask those questions. The more we did our job working assholes, the more the push back increased because they felt the emerging victomology, the entitlement, the righteousness. No mutual understanding…it was one way.  

comm-officeSo, follow the careers of Brown and Potter and see the eventual uber-Liberal careers and less than stellar careers in politics…lots of talk and theory…nothing meaningful. And, so it was with Team Policing, Police Community Relations etc. If you want officers to be public servants as opposed to public employees, and you want them to have social skills as well as tactical skills, then hire for it. Do Not ignore the crime fighting, primary mission. I think a lot of this drivel has become institutionalized to keep the ‘community’ happy and having a sense of control as they continue the downward spiral into depravity, chaos, death….see South Side Chicago Homicide Stats….apparently community organizing has been to focused on voter reg. and home loans and system infiltration to worry about crime???   

The passages below are heavy with Communism and Marxist links, but I have found it important to read some of this to learn the dynamics others have tried to use and articulate heading into Socialist and or Communist regimes. Patterns, the patterns evolve and are obvious or ultra slick and not so obvious. I fear the slick manipulators that move us about with ease and keep us happy and collectively safe, while picking our pockets of our liberty. Liberty must trump equality, diversity, community. I do not trust the word community. 

      The Dialectic: Fomenting the Revolution

         The concept of the dialectic has been around for a long time.  It is simply that of opposite positions:  Thesis (position) vs. Antithesis (opposite position).  In traditional logic, if my thesis was true, then all other positions were by definition untrue.  For example, if my thesis is 2 + 2 = 4, then all other answers (antithesis) are false.  Georg W.F. Hegel, the nineteenth century German philosopher, turned that concept upside down by equalizing Thesis and Antithesis.  All things are now relative.  There is no such thing as absolute truth to be found anywhere.  Instead, “truth” is found in Synthesis, a compromise of Thesis and Antithesis.  This is the heart and soul of the consensus process.


Shift in philosophy about police duties vs. community responsibilities to a team concept of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT of the community.  Reidentifying the police role as a FACILITATOR in the community.

  • Leaders of the community (law enforcement, government, business, education, health, civic, non-profit, medical, religious, etc.) collaborating to identify problems in the community, what the significant impact on people will be, and suggesting solutions to those problems.  (This is POP, or Problem Oriented Policing.  See footnote).[7]
  • Identifying common ground, where all factions of a community can work together for the COMMON GOOD of the community in a broader problem-solving approach.  Forming a partnership between police and the rest of the community where each is accountable to each other and the community as whole.  (Emphasis mine.  End of COPs definition).

     Note the reference to the “common good”,



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