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November 19, 2008

The Messiah, 1978 Jonestown Style (When Followers Convince Followers)

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No one is suggesting Obama is Jim Jones. What is suggested on this 30th anniversary of the Kool Aid Mentality, is how easily malable minds are and how ever vigilant and stand offish we should be to any adoration of a politician, minister or orator. People are hired to calculate on how to manipulate you. That alone should give you pause. Resist group think at all costs.

When Jones ordered his followers to commit suicide, more than 900 members drank cyanide-laced, grape-flavored punch. Others were shot by guards loyal to Jones.

In recent years, more survivors have been attending the service, as it has become more widely accepted that they were ordinary people betrayed by a charismatic minister who lured them to an integrated church with programs for the poor.


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  1. No one is suggesting that Obama is Jim Jones, but they sure have things in common. They are both narcissic manipulative individuals and the tactics are similar. Programs for the poor always attract people. You have those who feel generous and want to give, and those who are attracted because they hope to profit from the hand-outs. They both plotted things years in advance, both were in favor of killing babies, both were connected with the Kool Aid….

    Comment by USfrog — November 20, 2008 @ 2:12 PM | Reply

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