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November 19, 2008

Human Rights Commissions (Let Canada Be a Wake Up Call for America)

To roll back the increasing, dangerous encroachment of human rights bureaucrats in the realm of free speech, the former publisher of the Western Standard argued the general public’s – and many politicians’ – until-then benign impression of the commissions themselves first had to change.
The means to accomplish this, Ezra pointed out, was easy: Let people know exactly what the commissions were doing, in matters like his, the complaints laid against Maclean’s magazine for an article written by Mark Steyn, and other cases that showed the disquieting lengths these appointed government agents seemed prepared to go to infringe on one of democracy’s most fundamental rights.
As awareness grew, Ezra reasoned, as human rights commissions became more and more “denormalized” in the public eye, so too would grow the opportunity for real reform.

liberty-24We are hop, skip and a jump from our neighbors to the North, Canada of course, and their experiences with commissions that monitor behavior of their citizens. This is so obvious an example of government sanctioned thought control lurking to ultimately cinch down on all aspects of your life (blogs like this, news, literature, education, discussions with your neighbor). What stops the creep of oversight once you empower commissions to regulate fellow citizens? The abuses already abound from well intentioned government entities such as law enforcement, tax agencies, health divisions. Can you imagine the self rightous on the Left regulating our spoken and written word? 

Given the fears in the US over a ‘bible thumper’ imposing moral/ethics on the citizenry via Christian politicians, why does not the opposite register with the Left when seeing the slippery slope that Canada has so easily slid? The ‘benign impression’ referred to above suggests these encroachments happen low key, probably in response to some egregious discrimination, and then expand like some goo once water (Leftist rightousness) is added.

Beware and follow Canada’s ‘denormalization’. We can avoid such normalities if we, as citizens strive for civility and fight for liberty.


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