Zipline Conservative

November 19, 2008

How To Revolt? (If Moonbattery is Right, then………..?)

Soon after Obama takes control, the American economy is going to crash. The policies he will pursue could have no other outcome — nor are they intended to.

The worse the economy, the easier it is to strip us of the economic liberty that made this country rich. Ask the liberal media that brought about his election; the current cover of Time equates Obama with FDR, who prolonged the Great Depression with his socialist policies, and whose heavy hand set us on our course toward communism by increments.

Just as Stalin deliberately engineered famines to advance his objectives, killing millions in the process, we will soon witness a deliberately engineered depression.

When the smoke clears, this will be a different country. Maybe it will be a totalitarian Marxist state, which is the explicit objective of the milieu that produced Obama. Maybe we’ll just be given a hard shove further left, so that our standard of living is permanently lowered by crippling taxes, regulation, government dependency, and the inefficiency that inevitably results from nationalization.

Or maybe — just maybe — Americans will revolt.

liberty-dollar1So, given the fact the Right is so damn busy producing, and playing the game for the masses, we really are not adequately skilled at organizing and protesting and demonstrating, and getting pissed in public…that’s it, ‘pissed in public’ is awkward. Not the internal anger, but our civility and law abidance kicks in and holds us back like a guy afraid to get out on the dance floor (a little transference there). It will be a quantum leap to defend our liberty while using tactics that we abhor. Demonstrations and bringing significant numbers together to make an impact and possibly court violence is a strange development…but at what point does the ordinary person (me-you) recognize the loss, pending loss and move to the next step? Moonbattery is there. Are you?   


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