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November 18, 2008

Unionize Now! Regressive Party=Democrat Party

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How timely is this old post (2004) from a now defunct Leftist handwringer:

Unions tend to be protectionists (steel in the 80s), they develop a bureaucracy, they strike firms into unfulfillable long term promises. Now the UAW cries for a public bailout of the car industries pension obligations.

Unions are the only instrument to fight for fair compensation when there is slack in the labour market. Real wages are sinking and plenty a people are looking for news jobs. Without unionisation workers have no chance to raise income. 

With speculator and management benefits coupled to short term share prices, unionized workers are the only party with a real long term interest in modernization and competitiveness.

Unions are the vehicle to modernization and competitiveness huh? The auto industry cannot do squat given the obscene pay-benefits package autoworkers receive…obscene! Police and firefighters don’t compare to the rediculous package autoworkers receive. I am not saying they should be equal. As long as we are big on govt. intervention right now, then reduce pay-benefits for auto workers to below what a Detroit cop or fire fighter are making. Don’t make them equal…just get a reality check. Obscene, I say. 



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